Our Story

About Tommy


Tommy has spent his whole life helping others around him. While owning an oil company, he would help all those in need who were not able to afford his services. He helped the elderly, single mothers, and low income families to get oil to be able to have a more comfortable lifestyle. He even started heaters for free every winter for every household.  


After one of his loved ones became heavily addicted to pain narcotics, Tommy decided to find a healthier alternative. After much research and looking for answers, he discovered Whole Body Cryotherapy. When his loved one was unable to get off the narcotics, and accept her addiction problem or even find alternative pain management options,  he decided to help others to make sure this would not happen with anyone else. With that knowledge, he started his mobile Cryotherapy business that provided the convenience and expertise in helping others benefit with their body's own natural healing powers to deter others from becoming addicted to pain medications that millions of Americans suffer from daily.