On 4/28/2017 Advanced Cryotherapy merged with the A Nu wellness aqua Massage

center of Rehoboth Beach Delaware, to offer more alternative forms of pain management, as well as offering some of the best new advanced Spa, and relaxation equiptment on the market, we are going to look to continually expand and bring our clients a wonderful experience, and if we can also help in reducing pain and inflammation due to injuries, than we are glad to help.

Thank you Tommy

We happen to think that entering a subzero degree chamber and literally freezing off for a few minutes - in an effort to fight aging, inflammation, uneven skin tone, and more physical maladies - sounds a little crazy. But there are plenty of people who disagree with us. The total body cryotherapy claims many benefits, and a lot of people have been buying into it lately.

Born from nature and made safe and effective through technology, cryotherapy is an innovative treatment that provides many advantages including beauty, weight loss, athletic recovery, and overall wellness. Cryotherapy is essentially the process of using low temperatures for medical therapy. This could mean something as simple as sitting in a cold tub or ice bath or using ...

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